Seven Sisters Soap & Candle Co.

Seven Sisters Goat Milk Soap

Why use goat milk soap?

Goat milk has long been known and used throughout history as a moisturizer. Because goat milk contains nutrients and vitamins, it creates a luxurious soap with a cleansing, rich lather- gentle enough for any skin, young or old.

This was originally how I (the owner) got into making soap. Commercial soaps were irritating and left my skin dry. I couldn’t find anything that would thoroughly clean without stripping my skin of its natural oils.

Thus, Seven Sisters Goat Milk soap was born.

Every batch of soap is hand made and unique. All the colors experienced in this soap are all natural- from herbs, spices, and clay earth. The aroma is created through essential oils, for both it’s medicinal purpose and as to not over power the user. And as always, the base is in goats milk- which is sourced from my own farm of dairy goats.

Try it! We think you’ll love it!