Seven Sisters Soap & Candle Co.

Candle Courtyard

Columbia State Park is a popular destination for school groups studying California History. Students┬ástudying California History can experience part of the daily life of the miners and immigrants during the 1850’s. Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Company offers hands-on candle dipping at the Candle Courtyard on Main Street as part of this experience.

The Candle Courtyard is fenced so we can control the number of students who have access to the dipping station. We allow five to eight students (with their parents or teacher) through the gate at a time, and teach them how to dip their own candles. Students enjoy the process of incrementally adding wax until the candle is complete. Students are able to observe the process while waiting.

Candle dipping prices range from $2.00 to $10.00